Please read through the following guildelines for Self-Referres of Supported Contact at Walton Child Contact Centre:


Thank you for your interest in using our centre. Families wanting to apply for a place will be required to go through the following process:


1. Attend an interview at the centre. There will be separate interviews for resident and non-resident parents. They will be used to:


• Gather information about you, your children and the background to what has happened.

• Confirm your identity – you will be asked to bring your passport or driving licence and a utility bill.

• Give you information about the centre and how it operates.

2. Receive confirmation of the offer of a place from the centre.


This will be sent to both the resident and non-resident parents. It will include details of
the proposed dates and times for sessions and practical arrangements for attending such
as who will be bringing and collecting the children, who may take part in the sessions
themselves and details of any dietary restrictions.

3. Length of time that you will be able to use the centre.

The centre will in the first instance offer you up to six sessions of contact. Additional
sessions will be subject to these having been completed successfully.

4. Confirmation.

If you are offered a place, you will be required to confirm your acceptance of it within five