About Us

Walton Child Contact Centre has been running for over 20 years and has established a successful reputation in the local area and beyond. Nearly 600 families have passed through the doors of the St Andrew's Church Hall during our opening hours.


The centre is open from 2 until 4 every Saturday afternoon in St Andrew's Church Hall, Walton-on-Thames.

What first?

Once we have received referral forms for both parties-from either solicitors, social workers or directly from the parties concerned,-we arrange for both parents to visit us on a Saturday afternoon. This is to run through some formalities and also to give the parents an opportunity to see how we operate. Parents come separately to these meetings but they can be on the same Saturday afternoon, when we are open.  

What do we offer?

We offer supported contact only, which means that our volunteers are on hand to help and assist but not to supervise the sessions.

Is there a cost?

No charge is made. St Andrew's United Reformed Church has offered its premises to us rent free since we started and considers this part of its service to the community. In addition, we receive some funding from CAFCASS.

Food and drink?

We do offer teas, coffees and soft drinks plus sweets and crisps which can be purchased from our small tea bar.

We haven't had a waiting list for the last two years. For the latest position, please check with the Centre Coordinator.

Is there a waiting list?

There is ample off-road parking at St Andrew's United Reformed Church, where Walton Child Contact Centre is based.

Anything else?

We ask that you leave your differences away from our premises, for the benefit of all. Our children need to feel safe and secure and this is not assisted by confrontation of any kind. Our volunteers, some of whom have been involved since we started, are giving their own time to help you and would prefer to be appreciated and treated with respect.